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AUTHOR:Allison greatest romance...

Well being from the Bristol area and going to mtsu i had heard about my greatest romance from a few friends around campus. since i saw a flyer for this show i went. there were ten bands total and my greatest romance was one of the headliners. no one had ever told me it was just him and a guitar. he kind of had a jack white feel to him and that's what i thought until the second song was played. he kind of reminds me of the yeah yeah yeahs as far as music goes but he can crack some notes like the get up kids and all american rejects. overall he did a pretty good job playing. hope to see him again soon.

AUTHOR:Shane Leach
BAND:Krosstown Traffic
VENUE:All-American Sports Grille
This show was very good. Krosstown Traffic is a group that plays music somewhere between soul and blues. Each aspect adds to their show. The vocals were very good. The most important vocal accomplishment this group has is that they do not over attempt their ability. They do very well with their talents. The music was good, although that brings up my only criticism. They should allow their musicians to more clearly display their talent. The music, for the most part, is cover music. This leads to the fact that to show their individualism and talent, they should add some to the music.

Overall, this was a good show, and I do recommend that anyone that would like to do so go see their show.

AUTHOR:Marilyn & Terry Matthews
BAND:Article 13
I have been trying to submit a review for a band.The band is Article 13.They are great kids.My daughter is their #1 Fan.Her name is Sarah Matthews.She has known them and their music for about 2 years.Their music is unique and original.If anyone is a punk rock fan.They need to check out Article 13.They won't be dissappointed!

AUTHOR:Maggie Helzworth
BAND:Mellow Down Easy
I must admit I was getting rather bored of the current state of the Nashville live music scene. Everywhere you go, there's a honky-tonk band playing the same songs that the last was playing. There's overly emotional frat rockers doing all they can to not break down on stage. There's all these angry, (for what reason we don't know) aggressive bands, bands rapping, bands screaming, jam bands, way too many jam-bands! I've had enough! So, one night some friends and I stopped by the 2nd Avenue favorite, Windows on the Cumberland. We had only planned to get a few beers and move on to other places. We stepped inside the door and the place started to fill behind us. I noticed an empty stage with very little musical equipment. I looked back and groups of people started to flock in. The curiosity was killing me so I turned to the bartender and asked, What is going on! Before I had a chance to finish my full question, I noticed mini-flyers covering the bar all around me, Mellow Down Easy - Tonight at Windows on the Cumberland. I turned to one of my partners and explained that I had heard the name many times, but never the music. The looks of the crowd, the buzz in the air, I thought, Maybe we should stick around for a little bit. Minutes passed and the audio backdrop of The Rolling Stones was lowered, the lights grew dim and on stage walked three young men. The music began and instantly I found myself moving. I glanced at everyone around me and they too were moving. Heads bobbing, feet tapping, whatever these boys were doing, they were doing it right! Second song up, the crowd was more wrapped up into this band. I noticed a sound that was very original. In a time when I was striving for something new, and the collective music world, could use the same thing, I was amazed! The songs kept getting better! This band hypnotized me! My friends w! e're overwhelmed! It was as if this group and people in attendance knew something that nobody else knew! Why are these guys not on Vh1 or Mtv? Why are they not on tour, selling millions of CD's, instead of playing in a downtown bar in Nashville, Tennessee? My friends and I pushed our after-beer plans back and decided to stay the rest of the show. This band had some amazing original material and they just launched into some very well played covers of some Beatles, Waylon Jennings and an old, obscure Led Zeppelin number. The last note of the last song left myself, my crew and the entire crowd wanting more. My friends and I all got a CD, which totally rocks as well, and felt like we just witnessed a big time rock show. This band knows how to perform and touch you with their music. The sound we got from this band was such a broad stream. You can hear the blues, old rock and roll, and even some hints of 50's era-Elvis! A gentleman at the bar pointed out to me. These boys sound like a young Led Zeppelin. I heard a big Hendrix influence, myself. I met the 3 members of Mellow Down Easy after the show and all of them were down to earth sweethearts! This band cured my need for new, original music! I was very impressed by their music, their live show and their personalities. Apparently so was everyone else. The crowd seemed to clear out right behind Mellow Down Easy, as I was told by a few people, that happens allot! Bummer for the headlining bands, right? Maybe one day soon, this will get out of the bag and this band will get the success they deserve! I sure hope so.

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