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11/04/03 - It seems as if there are not many jazz groups in the area that would like another gig. And a well paying one, at that. If you ARE interested in getting this gig, check out the information above, and email me. We will put a show together that is the best in the area.

10/30/03 - The Rage has conducted an interview with the webmaster of BNL. Be on the lookout for the column in The Rage. The column can be viewed here

10/28/03 - People need to join the mailing list. It is designed primarily for fans that would like weekly emails that list the week's shows. Would you rather go to each of your band's websites? I do the work for you. I provide the dates. You provide the word of mouth for BNL!

10/27/03 - I am adding a section to the Bands page. It will contain additional information about the bands. This will be helpful if someone has heard a band's name, but know nothing about them. Be sure to send me information you think accurately describes your band.

BNL is looking for show reviewers. If you would like to submit a review, email it to me through the Contact page.

10/21/03 - BNL is looking for some jazz groups for a show we are planning. Please tell any friends that you have to show some support for it on the forum, and tell any bands you know to email me. Thanks. 10/13/03 - Check out the forum! If you have not left a comment, or started a topic, DO IT! Join the community, and participate in it... share your thoughts. Also, remember, share your fans! Tell your loyal followers about BNL! By doing so, you will expose them to the best the area has to offer.

09/27/03 - Please check yesterday's postings for a listing of some upcoming events and additional info. As stated on the forum, there is a few openings at Wallstreet in Murfreesboro for anyone that would like it. Please contact me directly to book a show.

In the repairs to my computer, I lost all photos that I have of the local bands, please resend any photos that would like posted on the "Band of the Week" section. They are posted in the order they are received.

08/04/03 - I have returned from the first of my out of town booking endeavours. Sadly, it seems the slow economy strikes music venues quite a bit. In Florida and Southern Alabama, there were quite a number of music venues closed that were open not six months ago. Thankfully, however, this does not change the plan...

07/30/03 - Just as a point of interest, I wanted to talk about a new sponsor of BNL. It might apply to a great number of you wishing to improve your websites. offers many free applications, such as forums, webrings, and countless others. Also, they have a very nicely priced domain registration section. I do reccommend you checking it out. The link is below.

And, on that note, please use the items I have on this website that are new: the webring (to allow visitors to this site instant access to your site), the forum (for posting of communication between fans/bands and bands/bands), and tell a friend.

07/29/03 - Be sure to check out the show sponsored by, which is posted on the Community section.

Any band looking for assistance with booking, be sure to check out Booking page.

07/25/03 - Local bands, please check out the forum for your needs of communicating with other bands. Also, feel free to join the webring, so that anyone that hits this website will be sent to yours. The link to do so is at the bottom of this page.

Medium- high paying out of town gigs are being planned currently by LeachBooking. Email me for more details. You must have a CD to qualify. Don't be the last to get in!

Post your calendar on the community board. Increase your fan base!

Welcome Simpleside, Evervigilant, 7 Simple Ways, ridgemont, Spent, The Loft, and Deadlock to BNL!