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Thank you filling out BNL's application. Now, take a look at the booking fees that LeachBooking (a division of Boro Night Life, uses for typical booking endevours.

Booking Info

AS STATED: This page is under construction. I have left it operational for some informative purposes. The information listed, however, is NOT entirely correct at this time!

The following rates apply:

Based on door-take:

10% for shows 1-3 per month
15% for shows >3

Based on set-rate pay:

15% for shows 1-3 per month
20% for shows >3

Payment by venue is defined as follows:

Door-take: Payment is based on attendance at show. Each patron attending is required to pay a cover charge and the band receives a portion of this from venue.

Set-rate: Payment amount is set beforehand by venue. This amount is not based on attendance.

There is no contractual agreement for an amount to be paid. Payment is based upon shows booked alone. Agent is not obligated to book a set number of shows a month. Artist will receive written documentation stating Agentís involvement in each booking. Without this documentation, Artist is not required to pay Agent. Once this sheet has been received, payment will be required.

Upon agreement of above-stated rates, a copy will be provided to Artist. These rates will remain constant until both Agent and Artist consent to change them. Without each partyís consent, changes to rates cannot be made.


Please mail all press packages to the following address. Please inform me if you have sent a package to local press releases (The Rage, Scene, etc.) Mail to:

Shane Leach
415 W. Northfield Blvd.
Apt. G-80
Murfreesboro TN, 37129

If interested in out of town booking, please download the following files. After reading through them, complete the information and mail to address above, or email to me. Please download and complete in order listed.

Letter to Bands
Band Info Sheet
Booking Fees
Financial Info and Guarantee
Payment Contract
Availability Form

Anyone interested in local booking please download the following files and email them, or mail them back to me:

Band Info Sheet
Booking Fees
Payment Contract
Availability Form
Financial Info and Guarantee (for local booking)